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Why should I get a silicone skin over vinyl?Updated a year ago

Here are 3 big reasons why you should choose silicone over vinyl for your PS4 and Xbox One controller skins:

1. Vinyl skins are incredibly hard to put on properly. It requires precise cutting, lining up, and there's a good chance you'll screw it up and have to re-do it. Stretching a vinyl skin can render it unusable. Not to mention, these things are applied with glue adhesive, so when you'd like to remove it from the controller you might be left with a mess that's not so easy to clean. You can apply silicone skins in less than 5 seconds. 'Nuff said.

2. Vinyl skins don't improve grip. In fact, they wont change the feel of your controller at all. Silicone, on the other hand, has a rubber feel to it, which naturally gives you a better grip on the controller. We also added small "rib grips" on the back side of each handle to further improve grip and comfort.

3. Vinyl is lousy for protecting your controller. Vinyl's not even scratch resistant. In fact, you can easily nick and scratch a vinyl skin with everyday use. With silicone, you're literally adding a layer of rubber protection to your controller, protecting it from drops just as a rubber phone case would protect your phone from drops. Our silicone material is premium quality, and easily resists scratches and nicks. Furthermore, they're incredibly durable, and you can stretch and pull them without having to worry about them breaking or snapping apart.

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